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AVI Insight

AVI Insight is your all-powerful communication technology management tool – the industry’s first multi-platform, multi-vendor, real-time monitoring and reporting system.

By integrating monitoring, analytics and support into a single cloud services offering, AVI Insight gives you the actionable knowledge you need to sustain peak performance of your AV, UC and digital media infrastructure. Interested in showing this information to your IT manager? DOWNLOAD THE PDF.


AVI Insight collects performance and utilization data from the technology installed at a client’s site. This information enables AVI to identify issues before they become problems, and to expedite resolution when problems do occur. It also gives clients insight into how their technology is being used, and can help them allocate resources more efficiently.

Real-time monitoring enables AVI to respond proactively when issues occur – often before a client even realizes there is a problem. AVI Insight integrates with AVI PRO Support to enable timely diagnostics, the speedy repair/replacement of failed components, and the deployment of field service personnel as needed.

AVI Insight transforms data into focused knowledge through built-in report generation for each technology practice monitored, including AV, video & unified communications and digital signage. Executive reports reveal how broadly and often services are being used and how well technical support is responding to problems. Technical reports reveal specific performance trends for components or systems.

Analytics, along with executive and technical reports, enable clients to benchmark equipment performance, improve workforce productivity, and establish the ROI of deployed components. By enabling executives to determine the value that specific technologies bring to their businesses, these analytics become powerful tools to guide or justify investments in products or services.

Interested in showing this information to your IT manager? DOWNLOAD THE PDF.

How AVI Insight Works
AVI Insight relies on a server, or “data collector,” that resides on the client’s network. The data collector monitors all networked devices and communicates essential data to AVI Insight via a secure outbound socket. The data collector is the ONLY device that communicates outside the client network. Once the data has been securely stored in AVI Insight’s database, users and support personnel can immediately view the live data on dashboards or create reports to summarize the data collected.


  • Reduces overall technology costs by consolidating monitoring and support services into a cloud-based single-service platform that is easy to install and does not require custom programming or implementation.
  • Prevents problems before they occur through proactive monitoring and reporting.
    Boosts IT efficiency with single-pane monitoring and analytics for AV, communication and digital signage technology spanning platforms and vendors, across your entire enterprise.
  • Guides technology decision making by providing valuable executive and technical reports and analytics.
  • Simplifies budgeting and strategic planning by focusing understanding of equipment condition and usage trends.
  • Provides flexibility to clients by freeing them to define their own participation in AV monitoring and the level of support they receive.