With the 2017 acquisition of Dascom Systems Group, AVI has become the leading integrator of video headends in the telecommunications industry. Our systems enable more than 250 customers to use existing fiber and/or DSL lines to provide IPTV services to subscribers. We have also enhanced our offerings with an adaptive streaming solution for OTT, empowering companies of all sizes to add video offerings they may not have previously considered.


"AVI exceeded my expectations on this project."

Russ Tiensvold - Pennington County, South Dakota

"I am so glad [that AVI] worked on this project. We are looking forward to a continued business relationship."

Mark Dines - Parkview Christian Church

"AVI did an exceptional job and worked with my schedule to complete the work."

Tom Magee - United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission

"AVI did a great job stepping up and working through the television distribution gap that we found late into the project, even though it wasn’t within the original scope."

Shawn Watkins - TD Ameritrade

"I was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism. [AVI] rocks and I am looking forward to more projects together."

Dan Ayers - University of Central Missouri

"[AVI was] awesome to work with."

Nigel Woodbury - City of Lee's Summit

"The project was well managed and, as the end user, I feel knowledgeable about the product and its use."

Amy Lingbeck - Midcontinent Communications

"We’ve been pleased and impressed with all our AVI experiences. I really appreciate how good AVI is at every element of an engagement."

Chris Jensen - Children’s Hospital and Health System

"AVI did a great job stepping up and working through the television distribution gap that we found late into the project, even though it wasn’t within the original scope."

Shawn Watkins - TD Ameritrade

"I really can’t say enough good things about the installers and the programmers. They were all prompt, efficient, knowledgeable, and helpful. They finished with time to spare and answered my many questions to my satisfaction."

Michael Davison - US Court of Appeals – Cincinnati, OH

"[AVI] did a great job working with me on this project. Everyone really stepped up and added something to this."

Scott Finkhouse - Corvac Companies

"AVI actually gave us a better solution than we had originally thought of. They were great because we had to push the install date up and they made it happen."

Scott Effertz - Benilde St. Margaret’s School

"Excellent project from top to bottom. You have great folks working for you."

Matt Mallory - BrownWinick Attorneys At Law

"I really appreciate AVI going the extra mile to ensure the Union got technical assistance quickly on the opening weekend of Legally Blonde. It means a great deal to them and to us to know that AVI has our back when we get in a bind."

Julie Grove - Architect/Project Manager at University of Wisconsin - Madison

"All our projects have gone seamlessly. All areas – proposals, construction documents, installation and training – have been on time and on budget. And the support after the project is just as good."

Mike Plunkett - Dave and Busters

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Our IPTV capabilities extend from planning and design through implementation, training and maintenance, and integrate seamlessly with AVI Systems’ offerings in AV, Unified Communication and Digital Media. We implement our solutions through a proven process that includes:

In designing high-speed data and video delivery services, we evaluate existing facilities; tower and rooftop mounting structures; power and HVAC requirements; network topology and capacity; and programming sources.

We stage all systems to reduce on-site installation time and ensure optimal system quality and performance. Before you take delivery of your system, we assemble equipment cabinets; rack-mount electronics; install and label all rack wiring, racks and electronic equipment; program MPEG encoders and assign IP addresses to them; and test the system as a standalone unit.

Our team of experts provides full training and remains available to you long after installation. Moreover, as your business evolves, we can provide the upgrades you need with minimal service disruption.



The breadth of our IPTV solutions is matched only by our ability to tailor them to your unique needs. Offerings include:

As the leading integrator of full video headends in the telecommunications industry, we enable customers to use existing fiber and/or DSL lines to gain full IPTV capabilities. For optimal control, these networks require the lowest bit rates (MPEG-4 SD and HD) to run over their networks, and our full headends can include MPEG-4-AVC or hybrid MPEG-2/MPEG-4 content.

For companies that want a competitive video offering with lower capital expense than a full or hybrid headend, our transport headends provide an optimal solution that includes local channels, middleware and encryption. We also work with transport aggregators to deliver content at the lowest cost.

One of the largest growth areas for telecommunications companies, Video-on-Demand can be a powerful differentiator in a competitive market. It allows customers the opportunity to rent movies without leaving their home, and can be offered Free on Demand or as Subscription on Demand. AVI works with aggregators to provide easy, economical access to this service for our customers.

We help a wide range of customers leverage inexpensive video streaming to grow their broadband revenue. This service enables telecommunications providers to retain and/or upgrade subscribers that can’t get video services currently. In addition to being an attractive alternative for subscribers who do not want to pay for a premium package, it can be a powerful tool to upsell broadband.

The diagram below shows how our adaptive multiscreen streaming solutions provide an alternative, cost-effective solution for streaming media:

streaming solutions

  • Headend content is transported into the ABR domain in traditional IP Multicast traffic. Content can be in MPEG 2/4 standard format.
  • The Adaptive Transcoder will take the IPTV content and convert the MPEG traffic into multiple IPv4 unicast streams. Each stream is compressed into different bandwidth packages for ease of delivery across various access networks.
  • The ABR Packager ingests the multiple bandwidth profiles and converts the streams into a particular format for the end users’ media player. Common service types are HLS (Apple), RTMP (Adobe Flash) and Smooth Streaming (Microsoft)
  • The Web Origin Servers receive the content that is converted from the Transcoder/Packager and store the files directly within the web directory. The servers interact directly with the end users’ requests for content and provide quick delivery of streaming media.

Pre-packaged and customized OTT-specific marketing packages are available as part of an integrated package that includes promotion, bundling and rollout (see Marketing Services).

Our Network Monitoring Services (NMS) are based out of a Network Operations Center (NOC), staffed 24/7/365. Built for automated notifications of equipment warnings and failures that have the potential for service outages, NMS is an efficient, cost-effective way to monitor equipment from a remote location, freeing customers from having to dedicate their own operational resources to monitoring. Features include:

  • Automated alerts and notifications of equipment failure, outages and alarms
  • 24/7/365 system monitoring
  • Elimination of monitoring hardware and maintenance costs in the system
  • Multiple tiers of service to suit many budgets
  • System library and capabilities span multiple markets and equipment manufacturers