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New Broadcast Media

Digital technologies have utterly transformed the way video is acquired, edited, stored and managed. Traditional broadcast production required multiple machines and electronics that were expensive to procure and difficult to operate. Today the work of analog camcorders, videotapes, linear editing, A/B systems and monitors can be done on a PC. And as storage costs plummet, computers speed up, and software becomes even more capable, the broadcast media landscape continues to evolve.

New advances, however, can bring new challenges:

  • How do you ensure easy access to footage, as your content library grows ever larger?
  • How do secure content on your current storage platform? And what’s your discovery plan?
  • How do you get the most out of rapidly evolving technologies?
  • When questions arise, who has the expertise to answer them?

AVI can help on every front. Our experts can analyze how you work and help design a process to manage content. From efficient workflow pipelines to troubleshooting aimed at finding the speed bumps in your process, AVI expertise spares you a world of hassles, and opens a universe of possibilities.