5 Ways BYOD Makes Employees More Productive

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device, to those who aren’t familiar with industry jargon, is one of the latest trends hitting business culture. It’s becoming “normal” to let employees bring their own devices (tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc.) to work, to give them the freedom to work from anywhere at anytime. And BYOD isn’t just a trend or workplace fad. It’s actually an extremely helpful policy to implement and can improve productivity for both you and your team. Here are 5 ways BYOD makes employees more productive.

With such a variety of devices available today, everyone is used to something different. Even from a laptop to a desktop, the setup is different. When you get to tablets and smartphones, even the operating system isn’t the same from one device to the next. Everyone has a way that they’re used to working and an environment that they’re comfortable with. Allowing your employees to perform their daily duties in that familiar environment will help them complete tasks more quickly and efficiently.

When you provide your employees with a desktop PC to work with, you’re limiting their productivity to one particular space – during office hours. If something comes up when they’re not at their desk, it will have to wait. But letting employees bring their own device makes the entire workflow mobile. They can catch up on the latest developments while on the train or bus to work. They can work out in the field and still keep in touch with what’s going on at the office. A BYOD policy allows employees to work from anywhere, any time.

BYOD is a great way to keep your staff engaged in what’s going on in your business. Whether they use a tablet or a smartphone, their mobile device is part of their world — it practically contains their entire world. Letting them bring that device into their work makes you and what they’re doing a part of that world. With an office PC, everything gets turned off and tuned out as soon as they go home. But with BYOD, they’re constantly engaged with what’s going on.

Tighter Security.
This almost seems counterintuitive. When everyone brings his or her own device onto the network, doesn’t this compromise security? It can, if you’re not careful. But a BYOD policy gives you more opportunity to BE careful. With a BYOD policy, you need more engaged, relevant regulations on what devices and applications are allowed on the network, what information is allowed to be accessed by which employees, etc. A BYOD security policy requires you to have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your company, in order to understand better how to protect it. And doing that will help you improve policies and increase employee productivity.

Happier Workforce.
Since BYOD is such a popular choice for employees, implementing one makes your company look both flexible and cutting edge. Allowing employees to work the way that’s most comfortable for them will help you attract better talent to your company — which will in turn improve employee productivity.

A BYOD policy is more than just a trend to keep up with. It’s a smart IT policy that will lead to happier employees, more flexible workflows, and ultimately more productivity. How can you make BYOD work for your company?

At AVI Systems we have a wide variety of solutions that are BYOD friendly. Are you exploring ways to make your workforce more productive with BYOD?