All Signs Point to Self-Service Trend

Ever wish you could bypass customer service and just get behind the counter at your local department store or fast-food restaurant and help yourself?

More and more companies are letting you take the wheel with self-service kiosks. They are allowing customers to pay for items, place orders, obtain product information, access gift registries, and more through self-service kiosks.


Such businesses often see an increase in profits because, it turns out, such machines are better at upselling and/or people feel more comfortable asking for what they really want when it’s not from another human being. In fact, one Retale survey revealed that 20 percent of millennials prefer using the self-service checkout because they don’t like interacting with cashiers—8 percent higher than the average response for all age groups.  The younger generations like to accomplish tasks—whether for work or play—on their own terms. Self-service technologies allow them to access certain services when they want and without perceived hassles or inconveniences.

These attitudes don’t stop at the store, so neither should the technology. All kinds of organizations can benefit from self-service options. Interactive kiosks are one example of a shift toward implementing technology to streamline user experiences. For example, you can search for a movie on your way to the theatre, order your tickets through an app on your phone, then retrieve the tickets from the kiosk once you arrive. It’s fast, easy, convenient, and if you don’t feel like dealing with a person that day, you don’t have to.

There are many forms of digital signage that can improve the customer experience. For example, way finding, interactive, and gesture/motion technologies enable guests to get directions, instructions, information, or services all on their own. And these technologies let your brand engage visitors and customers in ways that are tailored for their specific needs.

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