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Video: An Inside Look at AVI Systems' Headquarters

Minneapolis July 7, 2017

It took a year to reimagine and redesign AVI Systems’ 50,000-square-foot headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn. And now, after celebrating the grand opening of the Elevation Learning Center, AVI Systems’ facilities host industry classes, like the CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I courses, to encourage growth and professional development within the audiovisual (AV) industry.

The Minnesota-based headquarters houses over 100 AVI employees, who collaborate in the many huddle and flex spaces, conference rooms and smart classrooms that make up the building.


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Video by Chris Grotheer

When you walk in, you notice right away the tall glass walls that allow natural light to flow throughout the building. They also bring a great deal of transparency — one of the central themes of the building — to conference rooms, classrooms and other workspaces.

Stepping into the office spaces, height-adjustable desks with low walls offer employees the option to sit, stand and communicate with others easily and comfortably. On the walls, you’ll see large, touchscreen displays mounted, showing the weather, traffic updates and AVI videos.

The space has high ceilings, with numerous lounges, impromptu meeting areas, private offices and phone booths, and, of course, classrooms.

The Elevation Learning Center, the headquarter’s newest addition, is centralized around education and professional development. “Education, after all, is central to technology leadership,” said Jeff Stoebner, president and CEO of AVI Systems.

In addition to The Lab, AVI Systems’ interactive classroom, the Semisonic and Atmosphere rooms are glass-enclosed, hexagonal spaces built in an active learning classroom design to bring professionals together for more interactive learning. Both rooms have audio and video conferencing systems built in, with large, wall-mounted displays and more.

“We recognize the need to continuously improve and invest in employee talent,” Stoebner said. “Personal and professional development are essential to the growth and success of AVI, with the goal to make it easy for employees to reach their fullest potential.”


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