Modernize Your Video Conferencing Solutions

The most important, most intense collaboration efforts require eye contact, body language, and clear conversation. Those are the reasons video conferencing is at the heart of collaboration technologies, and mobile connectivity to video conferencing is critical to your employees’ work. Audio alone is not the same as video because a friendly face conveys a lot more to a meeting participant. And of course the quality of that audio and video affects the quality of the communication. But just because you understand the importance of providing these technologies doesn’t mean it’s easy to decide which video conferencing solution is right for your company.

Legacy conferencing systems, especially for midsize companies, are not set up to accommodate modern mobile workforce. Today’s mobile and remote workers want to use their own devices, applications, etc., so systems must now accommodate a wide range of connections, devices, networks, etc. Fortunately, there are corporate solutions that keep this in mind. These are available in three different types: on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid of both. The right solution will depend on your company’s needs. IT leaders should become familiar with the options, keeping 10 key questions in mind when trying to determine the best solution. Here are the first five:

  1. Do you currently have a video conferencing system in-house?
  2. Do you have experienced staff to support video conferencing technologies?
  3. Is your company subject to strict security or regulatory rules?
  4. How many of your workers spend time working remotely?
  5. Do you support BYOD?

For the next five evaluation questions and for help with coming to the right conclusion, read the eBook, “How to Choose the Right Mobile Collaboration Solution.”

As a full-service integrator, AVI Systems can assess your existing systems, evaluate your needs, and align solutions with your goals. For a more in-depth assessment of what kinds of collaboration solutions are best for you company, please contact us.