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3 Hurdles Threatening Your Post Pandemic Technology Strategy: An AVI Master Class Recap

The hybrid workplace has become a daily news headline and a near-constant topic of conversation across organizations small and large. As

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Three Advantages to AVI's Velocity Meeting Room Solution

One of the biggest lessons the pandemic taught companies worldwide is that with just a meeting invite and a click-to-join solution,

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Unified Collaboration and Its Role in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Even before COVID-19 hit, there was a shift toward tech-enabled collaboration. Companies that made an investment pre-pandemic were ahead

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How to Hold In-Person Meeting During a Pandemic

An in-person meeting sounds like the perfect place to transmit COVID-19 — unless you take the necessary precautions to adapt your

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A Proven Communications Strategy for a Hybrid Workforce

When the pandemic took hold of the economy, many people felt left in the dark by their organizations. What were they to do? Work from

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Guaranteed Tips for Better Virtual Meetings

IT departments work diligently to research, vet and roll out video conferencing software that meets their high standards of security and

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Best Practices for Safer Conference Rooms During COVID-19

Nearly every state in America is reopening following the pandemic and, by some estimates, almost 40 percent of remote workers eagerly

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