Take Your Presentations to the Next Level

You’re in charge of a big client presentation, but you’re a little nervous and want to run it past your team first. So you set up a conference call and try to share it with them from your table, but you can’t get it to work. So you grab your laptop, but network is lagging. One colleague can’t connect to the meeting at all, and some who want to present their own ideas aren’t able to share.

You decide to cut the meeting short and email the slides, but the feedback is choppy and nothing like what you could have received in real time. So how do you make sure all your meetings run smoothly and allow everyone to share content?

To get started, make sure you have a solution that allows:

  • Connection to any device, every time
  • Support of user preferences
  • WiFi networking options
  • Integration with your infrastructure
  • Security that aligns with your IT policies

Some companies still use consumer-grade devices to enable wireless presentation. While security remains a top concern for those solutions, there are other limitations. Popular consumer devices may require all the participants be on the same network, but that creates mobility challenges as well as traffic jams.

Enterprise solutions work with the widest range of devices and platforms, and they allow numerous users to connect simultaneously. They will even accommodate remote meeting attendees and display presentation content from multiple users simultaneously.

Chromecast or a similar streaming device may work in certain spaces and for specific uses, but you may discover you have outgrown such a system. Unfortunately, many important meetings have flopped due to that discovery. If you need the ability to connect from any device and under any circumstance—without fail—you need a wireless presentation system designed especially for corporate use.

To find out what kind of wireless presentation system is the best fit for your company, download “Wireless Content Sharing Made Easy.” AVI Systems is a full-service integrator so we are happy to answer any of your questions regarding mobility and meeting room solutions.