Telehealth Services Cut Down on Costs and Germs

The Benefits

Telehealth services provide obvious benefits to patients: No travel. Cost savings. Access to providers who may otherwise be inaccessible. No exposure to germs from other patients. These benefits and more extend to communities, employers, and healthcare providers.

The savings are not just reduced visit costs, but long-term cost savings also stem from greater access to care. In addition to better health, patients save money with better prevention, fewer re-admissions, less missed work, etc. Employers can cut healthcare costs considerably by offering telehealth visits as a replacement for in-office visits when appropriate. Providers benefit because they can maintain or boost patient satisfaction. Communities benefit because they have greater access to care, as well as more options for consulting specialists.

All of the growing data makes telehealth a no-brainer. Though patient adoption may not be coming as fast as some would like, the benefits make it worth the continued effort to expand telehealth and invest in these solutions.



The Investment

Telehealth offerings can be simple or complex. The term “telehealth” covers a broad range of technologies—from video conference calls to remote robotic surgery. It also requires recording and storage capabilities, the ability to share content, advanced security, and remote patient monitoring. What healthcare providers and facilities want to offer varies, depending on the field, services, location, etc.

Technology has always been central to improved patient care. Medicine today has more possibilities than ever for creating positive experiences and outcomes. Implementing telehealth services is a little trickier than just giving the green light. The healthcare sector must also consideration issues like patient well-being and data security.

Whatever your telehealth goals may be, it’s wise to consult with a professional integrator. With so many options and sensitive considerations, experienced professionals can lay out the options that align with your goals. They can also help you implement and manage those solutions. AVI Systems is a full-service integration company experienced in providing audiovisual solutions to the healthcare industry. Contact us with your questions or for more information.