What is the Solution Spotlight? [Video]

The Solution Spotlight is a live technology experience. It’s a way to focus less on individual products, and instead, look to how it all works as a single solution.

“We’ve designed the Solution Spotlight to highlight the finished product — that experience that our customers receive,” said Dave Hatz, who helped design the Solution Spotlight.

Last fall, the Solution Spotlight made its debut in Denver, Colo. The free event was centered on the new experience center, showcasing a fully integrated environment. “Here you don’t have to imagine the AV solution that’s right for you,” said Jeff Stoebner, CEO at AVI Systems, in a past blog post. “At our new Solutions Spotlight event, you can experience it.”

The Spotlight is made up of four immersive areas, with various technology featured throughout each space, and in between spaces as well.

What You Experience

  • A fully integrated collaboration room
  • Modern conference room technology
  • Popular flex room design
  • A full digital signage studio

Each section of the Solution Spotlight is outfitted with the same technology you’d find at your office, at a university, or in a medical center. Digital signage is displayed around every corner, following you in and out of each space.

Stepping into the conference room, you’ll find a table, with a device built in for BOYD, or bring your own device, and quick content sharing. A large display is at the end of the table, mounted to the wall, and speakers hide in the corners to keep audio levels stable. There’s also a built-in camera used for video conferencing that captures everybody in the room.

“We’ve designed the Solution Spotlight to highlight the finished product — that experience that our customers receive.”

Hatz said, “When we talk interactive solutions for our customers, we’re looking at ways that groups can better interact with content, can collaborate with content better, not just present from a display to an audience, but really discuss the content, really work with the content.”

To keep up with the changing technology landscape, AVI Systems is looking at installing occupancy sensors, Amazon’s Alexa, and other devices to create a more seamless experience for the people who will use the space day after day.

Now included in the Solution Spotlight is AVI Systems’ technology management platform, AVI Insight. The platform is designed to show people how they’re using their technology and its performance.

“We’re looking at ways that groups can better interact with content.”

“Through the gathering of data, AVI Insight provides analysis of how our customers are utilizing technology and the performance of that technology,” Hatz explained. “We’re able to receive alerts when equipment is not functioning properly, and we’re able to provide reporting and dashboards so that our customers can really view and understand how they’re using the technology and how it’s performing.”

As time goes on, the Solution Spotlight will continue adapting to the current landscape in efforts to show how different devices and solutions can benefit people the most. Watch for upcoming events to see when the Solution Spotlight is on display.