Technological advances are made every day, affecting our day-to-day activities. It sometimes can be a struggle to keep up; especially in our education systems. At the University of Montana, an alumnus who spent most of their undergrad career in the Liberal Arts building noticed it was time for a technology update. The alumni made a monetary donation designated to install high-end technology in the Liberal Arts Building. To begin the technology refresh, the university started with two rooms in the building: rooms 304 and 305.

The Liberal Arts Building was built 50 years ago and has only been equipped with your standard technology – a projector and computer – in the early 2000s. The basic technology installs made it easy for professors to become accustomed to a certain teaching style, but a challenge to introduce new technology. Jared Sheffield, GrizTech IT Manager, was designated to update these rooms. Sheffield had one major goal in mind, make the rooms functional for all to use.

Because the rooms had little flexibility and no opportunity for innovation to teach, they were completely gutted. This left an open canvas for Jared to fit the needs of everyone using the room. Struggling to find the right vision of flexibility, AVI was brought onboard. “AVI provided us with more ideas and more solutions that I wouldn’t have thought of,” stated Sheffield. Mark Hunt, AVI’s Project Developer, was determined to provide the two rooms with the state-of-the-art audiovisual systems while designing a flexible, easy-to-use and easily accessible space.

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