BRR Architecture engaged AVI Systems to develop a solution to help increase the use of videoconferencing collaboration and high-resolution display technology as part of a training room technology overhaul.

The client needed the ability to hold larger instructional meetings as well as more intimate face-to-face meetings using videoconferencing technology in a single training room. They also needed the ability to share single-line drawings between teams in separate offices while allowing them to be marked up at either location.



AVI installed two Polycom Director cameras in the meeting space. One was positioned in the back of the room for instructional-type meetings, and a second unit was placed in the front of the room for a standard face-to-face collaborative meeting environment. AVI engineering staff was able to work around manufacturer limitations to create a unique solution that allowed both cameras to be controlled seamlessly on the same videoconference endpoint.


Next, we engineered a drawing collaboration solution using HD video calls and a Smart Bridgit session to maintain the resolution of the drawing documents. Two Smart 70” displays provided enough visual workspace to see multiple elements of the fine detail content. This allowed the local team to work on a different drawing while collaborating on a second drawing via the videoconference and Bridgit session.

This solution included the use of two Smart Technology 70” interactive displays and two Polycom Director camera systems. It also included a wireless Crestron touch panel for controlling all aspects of the AV system within the room.