Parkside Financial Bank & Trust is a privately held institution with a focus on commercial and private banking, treasury management, small business owners and trust services. Architectural constraints for the board room and small conference room installations were extremely challenging – the designer wanted to see very little, if any, AV equipment in each of the boardrooms.


Sound Advance speakers were integrated and painted to match the overhead cloud, which also houses the lights and other HVAC components. Altinex popups, used to house connectivity at the table, were designed in the same leather to match the boardroom chairs for concealment when not in use.

In the small conference room, we installed a 3M integrated whiteboard with built-in short throw projector. This room also has a resident computer, as well as a laptop connection in the table.

The boardroom features a 65” Panasonic monitor with the smart overlay for interactivity, along with an AMX touch screen interface, audio conferencing and table inputs.

The most important thing we did to ensure an unobtrusive installation: Delivering a comprehensive solution that met requirements and performed flawlessly under high-demand conditions.