A Life-Saving Company in Need of Technology Saving

Missouri Employers Mutual

Missouri Employers Mutual (MEM), a workers compensation insurance provider, opened its doors in 1995, dedicating itself to safe working environments for people in the community.

When Missouri’s Legislature sought to end the workers compensation crisis in the mid-1990s, MEM aligned itself with the state’s mandates to help serve businesses and employees. After 20 years of providing help and solutions to its policyholders and communities, MEM found it needed help too.

MEM’s headquarters is in Columbia, Mo., where meeting rooms and collaboration spaces were in need of up-to-date technology solutions. Project manager Therese Fick was tasked to identify those solutions.

Three technology integrators presented proposals for the MEM project, and AVI Systems was chosen for its professionalism and experience.

“AVI was chosen due to their professionalism and knowledge of AV,” Fick said. “AVI really listened to not only MEM’s immediate needs but our future AV requirements as well.”

To help determine which solutions were going to work best for their meeting rooms, AVI met with representatives from each department at MEM. After hearing their feedback, AVI compiled the information needed to launch the project, including both considerations and solutions to present to the insurance provider.

From there, the project was underway. AVI Systems worked closely with MEM to implement these solutions, and you can read about it here.

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