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Deliver Meeting Room Technology with Ease


Employees are starting to return to the office after 18 months working remotely. And IT did a heroic job keeping individuals and teams up and running.

As this happens, new demands will be placed on office meeting room technology. When teams of people return to the workplace, they do so with new expectations of how they'll communicate and collaborate.

New technology demands include the ability to connect easily from any conference room using any meeting platform and, in some cases, using any personal device. In addition, employees have zero tolerance when it comes to connectivity issues. If they can’t connect with others seamlessly in the office like they can from home, why would they return to the workplace?

On Aug. 25, AVI’s CTO Brad Sousa, AV Practice Manager Keith Yandell and guest panelists Kay Sargent, HOK, and Monique Rezaei, Microsoft, will discuss the three hurdles threatening your post pandemic return-to-work technology strategy. And they’ll share how innovative space planning and scalable AV solutions will help your teams work better, faster, and smarter.