Enterprise Technology

Enabling business on a global scale.
For companies that rely on technology to advance their vision, AVI provides seamless, secure AV solutions that enable business strategies across geographies and infrastructure.

Enterprise-level businesses like Sandia, Boston Scientific, and Mayo need more from their AV technology. The stakes are higher, expectations greater, and the sheer volume of communication incomparably larger. To meet the needs of large, multi-location companies, our Enterprise Technology Division brings together all the resources, expertise and ingenuity of AVI in a unique business practice model with a single purpose: to align our technology with your vision and corporate culture.

From tailored account support to enterprise-class PRO Support, AVI makes the process of adopting AV technology as efficient and flexible as the solutions themselves. In fact, a key deliverable of the Enterprise Technology Group’s Business Practice Model is a strategic plan that can be executed in a phased approach based on your evolving needs.

Our approach to enterprise technology solutions is unique to each client. The results we achieve are unique to AVI.