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How Video Walls Can Support Your Business Goals

Business December 1, 2015

If you’re a movie buff, the idea of video walls may conjure up the Official Correspondence from the Capitol of Panem in the Hunger Games, Big Brother monitoring in 1984 or the personalized billboards in Minority Report.

While these instances demonstrate more of the negative impact of large display walls—frightening and controlling people—the true power of video walls comes in more commonplace and benign applications. Today video walls are having a positive impact in government, healthcare, corporations, and even houses of worship. Here are three ways video walls can support your organization’s revenue or customer experience goals—ways you may not have considered.

Promote brand engagement

What better way to get customers to interact with your company and brand than with an interactive display wall that supports multi-touch? Building brand engagement isn’t just for retailers.

Every type of business that has customers, patrons, or even patients can benefit from increasing brand recognition and preference—and that’s just what interactive video walls can do.  Whether your organization sells technology or promotes healing, video walls can help you attract, engage, and educate your audience.

Gain organizational insights

The ability to make real-time informed decisions is important to every business. Creating a control room, war room, or operations center may feel like an endeavor that is out of reach for many companies, but it can be more affordable than you think.

And the benefits of being able to interact with real-time data, create a full picture of the challenge, or monitor important functions, can easily justify the investment. An innovative use of video walls in healthcare is a master schedule for surgeries. The resources required are entered on wireless tablets and synced to a video wall.

Everyone on the team can easily see what rooms and staff are scheduled at any given moment. In corporations, network operation centers (NOC) make it possible for continuous monitoring of critical business systems or functions.

Whether you’re a trucking company that needs real-time dispatch info or a technology company making sure holiday spikes don’t exceed capacity, video walls in control rooms can keep everyone moving toward the same goal.

Improve group work

Probably the biggest impact video walls are having is in the group work environment. The ability to pull up and share information and then use that information to create a work product allows teams to be more productive and encourages innovation through the power of group work.

Video walls allow close-up, high-resolution views of documents and images and give multiple users the ability to interact through touch screens and tablets. Leading a brainstorming session, refining a product design, sharing insights that lead to a decision, are all powerful uses for video walls. that can align with your organization’s strategic goals. Check out the video below to see exciting options for group work.


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