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We Provide the Link Between Technology and You

AVI is here to help you sift through technology. Plain and simple. Technology room systems are complicated to assemble in a user-friendly way. Many organizations lack the expert in-house resources for complete technology integration – and that’s okay. We have an entire team of specialized engineers and technicians to partner with your organization through the entire audiovisual project process – development, design, installation and support.
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Top 10 Reasons to Attend AVI 2014 Tech Showcases
Top 10 Reasons to Attend AVI 2014 Tech Showcases  Videoconferencing, digital signage, meeting room solutions or video editing and production – you name it – AVI Tech Showcases will have it all. Check out our Top 10 Reasons why it’s … Continued



Washington University, Olin Business School Uses AVI to Enhance Learning – Not Obstruct It.
Take a stroll through the 102,000-square-foot Olin School of Business at Washington University and you’ll see students using state-of-the-art technology everywhere. Literally everywhere – from the central forum to the group study rooms, and the auditorium to the classrooms. The … Continued


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