We Deliver Communication Freedom

One Mission, Five Core Values

Our ability to deliver Communications Liberation is grounded in the values that guide us. Oneness, the understanding that we are more than a collection of individuals, makes us stronger. A spirit of Stewardship ensures the wise use of our and our customers’ resources. Curiosity drives the free flow of ideas and fuels innovation. An ethic of Elevation through learning and personal growth sharpens our vision and propels us to reach new heights. And underlying everything we do is our commitment to act with Integrity – even, and especially, when no one is looking – because that’s what makes us who we are.

Strengths Upon Strengths

We're an open book company

From revenue figures to the size and liquidity of our working capital assets, AVI is transparent about our finances. We believe our clients and partners should have full knowledge of AVI as a partner, and for that reason we invite you to download our detailed financials.

AVI is debt free

We have no bank or term debt, and with Debt to Tangible Net Worth and Debt to Equity ratios of 0.8 to 1.0 and 0.7 to 1.0, respectively, AVI Systems has the capital and financial wherewithal to hire leading-edge talent and invest in the systems and infrastructure we need to compete.

Top-of-the-line insurance

We offer general liability with a minimum of $10 million and a preapproved bid bonding capacity of $6 million, with $18 million in aggregate performance bonds. This level of protection qualifies AVI to undertake any project.

Trace AVI Systems' growth from a small supply company born 40 years ago in North Dakota into a global provider of audio visual solutions across the spectrum of commerce, business and education.