What sets AVI apart?
All we have in common.

Shared Stakes

A shared stake in your success

As a 100% employee-owned company, we’re 100% dedicated to doing right by our customers – which means we stand by our work, and remain right by your side to ensure you get maximum benefit from the technology we provide.
Support Another

Support for one another

At AVI, we don’t have co-workers; we have co-owners. We’re all in this together, and the success of one elevates us all. Which is why we’ve created a uniquely supportive culture, one that presumes that every member of the team is here for the long haul. We invest in one another, and that profits our clients as much as it does us.

Respect for expertise

From educational attainment to certifications and designations, AVI’s expertise as an audiovisual integration partner is unchallenged. Couple our credentials with the passion we bring to every project, and it’s no wonder we earn such high customer satisfaction ratings.