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Need AV Tech Support? Discover 4 Benefits to Strategic Onsite Staffing

Audiovisual December 28, 2021

You knew it was time to implement a next-generation AV system. But now that it’s up and running and people are returning to the office, you face a new challenge: supporting the technology.  

If you struggle to support conference room and meeting space technology, the simple solution may be to hire a strategic on-site professional to manage it for you. Following are four benefits to this approach.  

Benefit #1: Cost 

No budget approval for a full-time AV tech? We get it. And it’s one of the most significant benefits of our strategic onsite staffing solution. You get the skilled talent you need without adding to your department’s headcount, and we make sure that skilled resources have the necessary certifications that support your specific technologies. Plus, we offer quarterly or annual invoicing to fit your budget.  

Benefit #2: Recruiting  

Is the current talent market a little too “gladiator” for your tastes? No worries. As part of our strategic onsite staffing solution, we handle the talent sourcing, hiring, and training for you. That means you can fill the skill gaps on your team and skip the recruiting headaches. 

Benefit #3: Expertise 

Does your current team get that “not it!” look on their faces when a user needs help with meeting room AV technology or unified collaboration tools? You’re not alone. Why not let an AVI strategic onsite expert serve as an extension to your team and provide the onsite support your organization needs to function smoothly? A qualified technician can manage your:  

  • AV assets 
  • Preventative maintenance 
  • Troubleshooting and repairs 
  • Meeting and event support 
  • End-user training and much more 

Plus, a variety of skill levels are available — from basic technical support, meeting and administrative services, to engineering service. Choose what you need, and we’ll take it from there.  

Benefit #4: Resource management 

Prefer a hands-off approach? Works for us. In fact, our service delivery manager can facilitate effective management controls, serving as your primary contact for all activities related to onsite personnel.  

In addition, each onsite resource has access to more than 300 technical and operational experts at AVI -- experts who can help with any problem or challenge. You also get access to a robust engineering and field operations team available to troubleshoot and provide additional technical support if needed.   

Want to learn more? 

If you need immediate AV technical support but don’t have time to find and train a resource, leave the hassle of managing the entire process to someone else.  

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of managed services, including on-site staffing, meeting and advocate services, customer care, and monitoring tools to supplement your IT team. Learn more about our approach 


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