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4K: Are You Ready?

Audiovisual August 10, 2016

There is no doubt that you’ve heard about 4K, as the technology has been around for a few years. Yet so many workplaces have not implemented it. Why would companies want to make the switch in the first place, and what’s taking them so long?

Simply put, 4K displays have four times the pixels as 1080p HD displays. We’re familiar with 1080p, as that is the standard we’ve used for many years. While 4K TVs have been available for a few years and many people have purchased them, most video games, TV shows, and movies have not been designed to provide 4K detail. So even if you have a 4K TV at home, you probably aren’t able to take advantage of the sharp detail it offers as much as you’d like.

Computer monitors are a completely different story. Operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux can output higher resolutions, as long as the computer’s graphics card supports 4K resolution. This means you can connect a 4K computer monitor and be able to see the sharper detail that 4K has to offer. Imagine sitting in a conference room that has a large 4K LED display or 4K projector and being able to read the Excel spreadsheet without it being fuzzy. Imagine your engineering or graphics teams being able to work with massive images and drawings without having to scroll or zoom over the image.

There are many 4K applications that can improve the work experience—it all depends on what you want to achieve. If you want highly detailed content that is clear to read, then 4K is the solution you’ve been waiting to implement. Many companies want to make sure that new technologies are really going to become standard before they invest, and it looks like 4K is the way to go.


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