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Are You Ready for Some Serious Mind-Melding at AVI LIVE 2016?

Business January 25, 2016

This year AVI is saying farewell to the past Technology Showcase format and hello to newly rebranded AVI LIVE events. This year’s inaugural theme – BRAIN FEED – features onsite InfoComm CTS Prep Course training, seminars, speakers, events and the latest in AV technology.

AVI is home to some of the most powerful minds in the industry. Together with our cutting-edge industry partners, we constitute a super-smart AV mega-brain, one that will infuse attendees with our knowledge and technology, turning them into AV brainiacs! What if you could...

  • Take control of powerful new technologies?
  • Answer AV questions before people even finish asking them?
  • Envision solutions where others see chaos?
  • Elevate your AV IQ to unprecedented levels?

“AVI is making its most significant 2016 and 2017 investments in education, both with its employees, and with its customers,” explained Jeff Stoebner, AVI Systems President and CEO. “Our AVI LIVE events will bring real world AV education to help our clients be strategic with their AV communication systems.”


All you have to do is attend AVI Live 2016, where you’ll absorb skills in the form of the InfoComm CTS Prep course; attend seminars from the most respected thinkers in the business; experience mind-blowing AV gear from the world’s leading manufacturers; and when the day is done, mind meld with your fellow AV geniuses over drinks.

Check out our events page for more information.


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