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Collaboration Solutions That Let You Do More with Less

Business November 29, 2016

For as long as remote collaboration tools have been around, corporations have offered flexible work options. Those tools started out as expensive technologies for large conference rooms but have evolved into options that workers can use anywhere, any time. They are also easier to use and manage.

The proprietary equipment of the past limited scalability and compatibility, while complicating maintenance and support. Cloud services changed all that, improving scalability and affordability, as well as future-proofing many systems. For day-to-day work, the cloud’s greatest effect has been in allowing more flexible, accessible collaboration. Users of any ability, on any device, in any location can connect and work productively, efficiently, and securely.

Making the Solution Decision

There are quite a few solutions that enable local and remote collaboration. Choosing the right ones is a matter of aligning wants and needs with capabilities. To decide which solutions will work best for your company, start by evaluating your meeting habits, styles, and preferences. Then you can compare your needs with the specific technologies that enable local and remote collaboration.

To help with your self-assessment, here’s a guide that explores features your employees need, including:

  • Any-to-any capabilities
  • Scalability
  • High reliability
  • Calendar integration for scheduling calls
  • Presence capabilities
  • Instant message/chat

Getting Started on the Right Track

The tech guide helps you compare available capabilities with your priorities, and it highlights features of top solutions.

Download the technology guide, “How to Select the Right Technology for Remote and Local Collaboration,” to begin your assessment process and to learn more about how collaboration solutions can improve productivity and engagement in the workplace.


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