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Could the Cloud be Safer than Onsite Data Centers?

Blog July 16, 2015

Despite entering the enterprise scene more than a decade ago, cloud technology still faces one issue that is hindering mainstream adoption: Security concerns.

A recent survey of IT decision makers by BT reveals that half of respondents (52 percent in the U.S. and 49 percent globally) state they are ‘very or extremely anxious’ about the security of cloud services.

A majority of security professionals consider it safer to maintain onsite data centers than trust the cloud. Is it really so? Not really. Most data breaches in the past two years have resulted from onsite datacenter failures and not the cloud. For instance, Anthem’s data breach case clearly shows that securing data is more about access protocols and testable firewalls than merely the physical access to data.

Yet, the fear of cloud continues, holding companies back from experiencing the many benefits of cloud-based services.

Why cloud services are more secure?

A software company might build an onsite data center; however, they won’t have the resources to maintain it as well as a cloud company. Why? The software company’s job is to sell software; the cloud company’s job is to “sell” more secure data center environments.

Onsite data centers are open to human risk. Data could be easily handled by wrong hands, leading to damaging consequences.

Moreover, cloud service providers are required to meet high security standards. Additionally, big cloud service companies, such as Google, Salesforce, and Amazon, have so much at stake from a reputation standpoint that it fairly ensures they go out of their way to deliver highly secure services.

While cloud is typically safer than legacy infrastructure, due to inconsistencies in the level of security provided by various cloud services currently available problems do periodically arise. How do you know which cloud services will keep your data protected?

Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), who releases an annual report on how much security and encryption major cloud companies are offering. This might help you decide which cloud services are safe enough for your needs.

Cloud is a secure and cost-effective answer to today’s business needs

Today, there’s cloud infrastructure available to manage virtually any business application. From accounting to communications, HR to training – all major business functions can be outsourced to cloud-based MSPs. This not only reduces hiring and infrastructure costs but also allows businesses to access expert and most times immediate assistance, 24/7, should problems with software or service arise.

All this is not remotely possible with onsite data centers, unless you purchase expensive servers, software, and employ skilled staff. With companies predominantly looking to cut costs, this is neither a viable option nor a sensible one. Therefore, cloud services might be the best alternative for businesses of all sizes today.


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