Fairytale Collaboration Starts with the Right Technology

Do your meetings always seem to start off on the wrong foot? Maybe they start late because the host has trouble figuring out the equipment. Maybe you have trouble sharing your presentations so you waste time emailing them to participants. Or maybe your team just can never seem to find a place to meet.

Whatever the cause, the cost of these little delays add up. Consider that every six-person meeting that starts 10 minutes late adds up to an hour. The company pays for time that is spent not working. Multiply that by several times a week, and it can add up to thousands of dollars a year

You can overcome these challenges and improve your meetings with the right technologies. Sometimes the cure is as simple as adding a digital display, a wireless content-sharing device, or a room scheduler. Of course, before you start making equipment purchases, you should evaluate your current situation. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you or your coworkers ever leave meetings frustrated there was content you couldn’t share with the group?
  • Are meeting participants able to mark up, save, and send documents digitally during the meeting?
  • Are meeting spaces ever double-booked or just hard to find?
  • Do meeting participants frequently have to “follow up” with each other to get meeting notes?
  • Do employees complain about how meetings are a waste of time?

Enter your answers to those questions into this online quiz then learn which solutions will most readily enhance the collaboration experience at your company. It’s fun and it only takes a couple of minutes.

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