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Hold the Phone! Choosing Modern Meeting Solutions

Business September 27, 2016

How many web conferences have you given up on, instead resorting to a phone call? The trouble with that is remote participants can’t share presentations, mark up shared documents, and other things that employees need to do to truly collaborate.

You can talk, but you can’t interact. You can email a presentation, but you can’t work together in real time. You can discuss changes to a document, but you can’t make them together or even see them being made. And of course, there’s no substitute for seeing everyone’s faces while they review your work.

There are a number of wireless content sharing and collaboration solutions that ensure all participants see and hear and that all presenters are seen and heard. They come with a variety of features—from motion-sensitive cameras and high-quality mics and speakers to interactivity and file-sharing capabilities.

Most offices now offer remote work options, but then facilitating remote and flexible workers is easier said than done. In the office, employees want to use their own devices and not mess around with wires and cables. Outside of the office, they want to see and hear and interact just like those in the conference room. Fortunately, there are many options for accommodating content-sharing and collaboration now. The tricky part is figuring out which one is right for your spaces, your teams, and the way they work.

These videos illustrate some of the features and capabilities offered by some of the solutions for remote and local collaboration. When choosing technologies for your company, your work styles, spaces, goals and preferences are all factors, so consider speaking with an experienced integrator.


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