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How to Compare Huddle Room Solutions

Business October 25, 2016

You’ve had a lightbulb moment, but you’d have to act on your idea today. You need to share it with your team, but you doubt there is a conference room available, and you don’t have time to tinker with equipment.

Whether you’re putting out fires or just getting work done, sometimes you just want the informality and spontaneity offered by a huddle room. Here are some of the common use cases for huddle spaces.

Use Cases

Unplanned Meetings

You might have a crisis come up, a looming deadline, a great idea, or a new opportunity that you have to act on fast. Whatever the reason, you need to meet fast and not waste any time looking for meeting space, connecting devices, or figuring out how equipment works.

Meetings with Local Participants

Whether the meeting is impromptu or planned, small groups often want to get together to share content, brainstorm and annotate, and to save their work and share it with the group. Rooms designed for large groups often don’t have the right technologies for these needs.

Meetings with Remote Participants

Dispersed teams, a more mobile workforce, and an increase in remote workers makes remote collaboration a common occurrence amongst business teams. Meeting participants need to be able to connect via any device. Additionally, they need the ability to present and share content remotely, including the ability to annotate and brainstorm with remote participants.

Making Decisions

But what solutions should go in your huddle rooms? That all depends on your company’s spaces, work styles, and employee preferences. So first assess your needs, then you compare those with specific solutions and their features.

But that kind of research takes time, so we’ve done much of the work for you. We assembled a huddle room technology guide that includes an assessment form and compares top solutions based on their features. Read "Technology Guide: How to Select the Right Technology for Your Huddle Rooms" for comprehensive information about huddle room solutions that will improve engagement and productivity.


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