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Improve Training Spaces with Collaboration Tech

Business October 18, 2016

Remote work is increasing, and it’s likely to become even more commonplace since many companies are seeing positive results. One recent survey revealed that remote workers feel happier, more valued, and more productive.

So the question becomes not whether to support remote work, but how to best support those employees. There have long been ways to communicate with them from the main office. Phone calls suffice for many of those kinds of meetings. However, as work becomes more complex, there is a greater need for more intelligent communication and collaboration tools. There is a steep learning curve for today’s workers, so they need ways to be able to share complex information.

When your questions warrant more than a phone call, you may need tools to share and annotate content and collaborate in real time. Solutions like the Epson BrightLink have features like an interactive projector local participants can use on whiteboards, walls, and tables. Remote participants can write to it in real time using their mobile devices.

Whether you’re looking for technology that enhances learning in the classroom, the training room, or the conference room, there are a range of collaboration solutions specific to your goals. You will find tools suited for formal training around new processes and customer solutions fitting for impromptu training and updates on new campaigns, internal information, etc. It’s not always easy to narrow down your options though.

When choosing technologies, there are many considerations, so consider speaking with an experienced integrator. AVI Systems is a full-service integrator that can answer all of your questions about choosing and installing audiovisual solutions. Contact us here more information or for a free assessment.


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