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Limit Disruptions when Implementing New Collaboration Technologies

Business August 17, 2016

We’re preparing some fun new material to help you create and update your collaboration spaces. But before you start upgrading your technologies, you’ll want to make sure it causes as little disruption to work as possible. After all, you invest in these tools to improve production, morale, and the bottom line. So here are some tips for preparing for changes in your collaboration tools:

  • Choose the right implementation method. Some approaches are ‘Big Bang’ adoption that means you switch over systems overnight; phased adoption which is a gradual transition; parallel adoption means using old and new systems simultaneously while switching over; and pilot adoption where the new solution is tried out by one department or location.

  • Provide the right training for optimal adoption. Rather than simply telling employees to start using a new solution, you should train them first. And they will need training suited to their learning and working styles, as well as ongoing support.

  • Consider your budget. Make realistic decisions, but do so with the long term in mind. Sometimes one-off purchases aren’t a good deal in the long run if they don’t work with your other technologies. And sometimes paying more now will create greater return on investment down the road.

  • Examine the hardware in the room. Even if you choose cloud or hybrid conferencing and collaboration solutions, the hardware matters. For example, even though you can easily use your laptop with software-based and cloud collaboration solutions, a typical laptop microphone and camera are designed for use by one person. It will be difficult—if not impossible—to hear and see everyone in the room.

  • Talk to an integrator. An experienced AV integrator knows a lot about the latest technologies, but they are also focused on user experiences, so they can design and program user interfaces that get adopted more quickly.

To learn more about deploying solutions with limited disruption, read this white paper. Then look for upcoming posts on what specific technologies you’ll want to put in your collaboration spaces. 


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