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Finally, Meeting Room Solutions for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Business February 14, 2022

As small- and medium-sized business owners know, it’s not always possible to access the same technology resources and tools that Fortune 1000 companies have.

We don’t believe your meeting space technology should be complicated. Our Velocity meeting room solutions level the playing field and allow businesses of every size to improve how they collaborate in today’s hybrid work environment.

What's Velocity?

Velocity is a preconfigured meeting room solution, ready for installation. You supply the furniture, network, and power and we deliver the collaboration technology. Once activated, Velocity can connect users to the hybrid workforce via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or virtually any other platform through BYOM connectivity.

Velocity is uniquely suited for small- and medium-sized companies because:

  • You don’t have to purchase the technology itself. Velocity is available through a unique subscription offer. Just pay a one-time activation fee, followed by a monthly subscription. There is no contract term or cancellation fee.
  • Velocity is self-contained, minimizing facility retrofit costs.
  • Eliminate any issue that might come with technology maintenance when you subscribe.

How does Velocity work?

Employees and work teams appreciate how easy the Velocity solution is to use. If you have multiple meeting spaces, Velocity ensures that each system operates in exactly the same way. No more meeting room start-up frustrations. Plus, systems are designed specifically for the room’s size. Just select from these options:

  • Meeting room platform: You can choose from Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Other platforms are supported via BYOM connectivity options.
  • Meeting room size: Configurations are available for three meeting room sizes: small (up to five people); medium (up to 10 people); and large (up to 15 people).
  • Purchase or subscription model: As noted above, Velocity’s difference is the subscription option in which you never own the technology itself. You can purchase Velocity systems if you choose. Either way, we base our transparent pricing on room size, so there are no surprises.

Break, fix and software updates are built into subscription pricing

Small business owners tell us they need ongoing technical support, which often holds them back from investing in new meeting room technologies. If break/fix is all you need, you’re covered. Advanced service options are available and can be configured to meet your unique support requirements.

A frictionless solution in 3 easy steps

Do you face limitations with an outdated meeting room platform? In just three easy steps, you could be on your way to improved collaboration and streamlined work:

  • Take this quick online assessment to determine if Velocity is the best answer for your meeting room needs.
  • Use our Online Room Configurator to find the best solution for your small, medium, or large conference rooms.
  • When you’re ready, an AVI professional will create a quote for you within two business days.

Let’s get started.



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