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One Way to Address the Shortage of AV Pros

Business June 13, 2018

What was once considered simply the “audiovisual industry” is now a high-tech industry of integrated systems, where emerging and converging technologies and responsibilities come together under one umbrella.

It’s a booming industry that requires skilled workers who are trained in an ever-growing range of technologies. Its growth and evolution mean there are not enough qualified integrators and other communication technology professionals to keep up with demand. The shortage is caused by a number of factors.

One factor is that STEM field options are expanding, and some young people who would have pursued an audiovisual (AV) career path in the past are choosing another technology field.

Another consideration is the generation gap which sees new workers moving around a lot more, trying different roles with many wanting the freedom to freelance. However, some of the disconnect may result from a lack of awareness of the industry. There are many different kinds of career opportunities in the field.


There are audiovisual opportunities for freelance professionals, and there are also full-time, long-term positions available. Roles include programmers, design engineers, installation technicians, service technicians, project managers, sales specialists, customer support specialists, and many others.

In every role in this industry, there is an opportunity to connect with organizations and people of all kinds. From life safety to IT solutions, selling to creating, opportunities exist with technology manufacturers, system integrators, and supply chain distributors.

While it is a great industry for high school and college students looking for a career, it also presents options for those looking for a career change. Resources like AVIXA and IGNITE (the career center of the National Systems Contractors Association) offer career information and insights into this technology-focused industry.


The National Systems Contractors Association is hosting a golf tour to raise funds to “spark interest” in audiovisual careers.

"Our goal with the tour is to raise $50,000 to help the AV industry attract, engage, and equip the next generation to come—whether that be a technician, a DIYer, tech lovers, a marketeer, it doesn't matter,” Ross said. “Our goal is to bring in that next generation.

The tour starts in the Midwest with a June 25 stop in Prior Lake, Minnesota. It then heads to the East Coast with a stop in Atlanta, Georgia, on Oct. 22.

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AV Needs Your Help

To help spread awareness and gain insight into the audiovisual industry, there are many actions you can take. Here are just a few:

  • Share information about AV. The industry generates a lot of stories about innovation and making life and work better. Share some on social media.
  • Share job information. When you come across a job posting, let others know. Also, share the need for talent across disciplines in AV to anyone looking for their first career or a new opportunity.
  • Participate in an IGNITE golf event. Not only will funds go to informing and recruiting students, but you’ll get a day of fun with folks passionate about technology.

Visit here to learn more about the IGNITE Golf Tour or to register.


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