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Set Employees Free with Collaboration Technologies

Business September 22, 2016

If an important idea has ever struck you in a less-than-ideal time and place, you know how frustrating it can be to try to rally your team discuss it, let alone execute on it. New collaboration technologies remove time, place, and even device from the equation.

Collaboration used to mean working together. New solutions for remote workers allow us to work together, apart. Ninety percent of U.S. companies say they offer remote work options or are planning to expand their options.

They understand that allowing employees to collaborate when and where they are able to means they can get work done. You no longer have to plan meetings when everyone is in the office because the location of participants is irrelevant.

Sometimes, trying to figure out the when, where, and how of collaborating gets so out of hand that you find yourself calling and meeting with colleagues about how your team is going to meet. When you’re meeting about meetings or worrying about how everyone can collaborate on the same project from different places, it’s time to improve your technologies. There are a number of solutions designed specifically to facilitate collaboration among in-office and remote employees.

Of course, the exact solution you choose matters because there are a number of variables that affect how well participants hear, see, and share content. The devices participants use, the spaces local participants meet in, the kinds of work participants do, and more all affect the kind of equipment you’ll ultimately want.

Watch these videos about some of your technology options for wireless remote and local collaboration. When choosing a collaboration solution, your work styles, spaces, and preferences matter, so consider speaking with an integrator experienced in these technologies.


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