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Take Control of Your Collaboration Spaces

Audiovisual March 29, 2016

Many companies employ a free-for-all system when it comes to finding meeting spaces. The quest for a collaboration room becomes everyone for him or herself. Individuals reserve spaces they don’t need.Groups of three or four camp out in the rooms with the most popular technologies even if the space was designed for larger meetings. No space is used the way it was intended, and some rooms and technologies sit ignored, while others get all the attention.

Despite the rise in the popularity of huddle rooms, organizations still need large, traditional boardrooms and collaboration rooms. Those rooms are big investments, and you want to ensure the best returns. There is a way to better manage your spaces, your meeting room technologies, and your well-intentioned workers. Our partners offer solutions that provide better control of rooms, as well as reports on how your meeting spaces and technologies are used. 

With such management and monitoring solutions, you can:

  • monitor usage and preferences, as well as receive alerts
  • schedule room use in advance with tools that can easily be integrated with Outlook, Google, and more
  • choose from a variety of support options
  • receive reminders when equipment is due for maintenance
  • ensure a room automatically reverts to its default settings after use
  • receive regular reports on device, room, energy usage and more
  • integrate with smart building technologies to improve control and sustainability

The last point regarding sustainability is important as the popularity of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification grows. (It is based on how "green" your building is.) Details like curtain position and sun exposure can affect energy efficiency. A management system can provide that level of detail and provide direction such as letting employees know which rooms have optimal sun exposure for the season.

Do you currently know how much time is spent in your collaboration rooms? Do you know which technologies get used the most? Do you know when they are booked? And do you know the energy usage for each room, as well as how to maximize efficiency?

With that information, you can improve your energy and employee efficiency, as well as improve future business and purchase decisions. If you discover certain technologies are in demand, you may want to purchase more. If you find out some are under-used, you may want to train employees on how to better use them.

To discover ways to improve collaboration at your company, download “5 Ways to Win: How Mid-Size Companies Use Collaboration Systems and Mobile Devices to Engage Employees and Simplify Group Work.” 


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