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Tech that increases flexibility and saves time in conference rooms

Business November 3, 2016

While huddle spaces and remote work are hot topics in work collaboration right now, you don’t want to write off the conference room just yet. In fact, not only is it sticking around, but it’s evolving into an important multi-purpose space.

The new conference room for a modern workforce will be “more.” More flexible and packed with more capabilities. However, users also want conference rooms to be less complicated and less cluttered. Those may sound like big requests to fill, but fortunately, there are numerous solutions now that meet many collaboration needs simultaneously.

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Start Your Meetings On Time

So how do you know which solutions to choose when it seems like employees want everything? It’s a matter of aligning company goals and employee work styles with specific features and capabilities. Begin with a needs assessment. When you assess your company’s collaboration needs and goals against which solutions are available, start by prioritizing which features you require, including the ability to:

  • Schedule and find an open room
  • See if the technology you want is available in a given room
  • View and hear all participants clearly
  • Share content from any device
  • Annotate and collaborate on content
  • Save work and send it to all meeting participants

To make the evaluation and decision process easier, we’ve created the “Technology Guide: How to Select the Right Technology for Your Conference Rooms.” It provides detailed information about conference room solutions and their features so you can design spaces with equipment that is intuitive to use and that helps boost collaboration and productivity.

If you have questions about collaboration technologies or if you would like professional guidance, consider contacting an experienced integrator. AVI Systems is a full-service integrator that can help you determine which conference room collaboration solutions will meet your company’s requirements and provide the best experience for your users. Download the guide here.


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