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The Best of Audio in 2018 from Leading Manufacturers

Audiovisual April 19, 2018

Modern technologies can be thrilling. From robotics and drones to artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the stuff of yesterday’s science fiction is now part of everyday life.

Audio technologies, though, don’t always have the same allure or get the same level of attention that many of today’s solutions do.

However, engineers have been busy making sure there are plenty of advances being made in the world of audio. Here are some of the best-in-class solutions on the market right now from top manufacturers. See all of AVI Systems' manufacturer partners here.

1. Biamp

Biamp has included its beamtracking technology in its new Tesira microphone series. The technology was previously included in the Devio and not only tracks a sound source but locks onto the signal source, so presenters have the freedom to move around the room. This feature allows listeners to hear clear, consistent audio from these microphones.

2. QSC 

Q-SYS by QSC isn’t as new as some of the other solutions, but its flexibility makes it makes it a current answer to a variety of audio needs. The audio, video and control solution is a software-based platform that was designed to be IT-friendly. It uses IT standard protocols and is easy to upgrade and scale.


HARMAN Professional companies offer numerous audio products that stand out in today’s audio industry. One of its newer offerings is an amplifier solution in Crown’s CDI DriveCore Series. These amplifiers work in a variety of installations and are known for offering great value for the price. The DriveCore series offers a higher wattage than many other solutions but without all the power usage and weight.

4. Shure

Shure’s Microflex Advance ceiling and table array microphones easily integrate and blend into conference room designs while providing clear sound. Built-in audio processing minimizes environmental noise and more precisely captures the voice of who is talking. These features make it a star product for meetings with remote participants.

5. Bosch

Bosch public address solutions are setting the standard for communications, safety, and security in public places. Bosch’s high-quality public address and voice evacuation systems use advanced digital technologies to provide clear and reliable audio when it’s most critical. IP-connected solutions are fully-featured to provide flexibility and scalability.

6. Bose

Known for its quality speakers, Bose is filling the gap—where wall meets ceiling—in a variety of spaces. The Bose Professional EdgeMax in-ceiling speakers are designed for better room coverage while also maintaining the aesthetic of the space. For every edge and corner of your space, the EdgeMax ceiling loudspeakers offer the often-preferred acoustic performance of a surface-mounted speaker while also providing consistent coverage.

7. Sony

High-quality recording solutions are as clear and simple as ever. Sony’s newest generation of microphones and professional recording solutions simplify how you produce and capture your events. These solutions are durably made for on-the-go, staged, and live productions.

8. Innovox

Large venues can pose many challenges when looking for loudspeaker solutions, from aesthetics to directional control. The Innovox line of compact hybrid line array (HLA) loudspeakers provides more options and precision for large venues. One distinct option is the HLA-20 with its unique stage configuration that provides a full-coverage pattern and distinctive vertical audio control.

9. Cambridge Sound Management

Sound masking is increasingly important with data and privacy rules in a variety of industries, and Cambridge Sound Management is a longtime leader in speech privacy. Solutions like their QtPRO line more precisely control where the sound masking is emitted and give your organization more speech privacy options.

Finding the Right Audio

Designing the right audio environment for your spaces is much more complex than just picking the mics, speakers, and amps that you like. It requires knowledge of the spaces, consideration of how they will be used, and understanding how the technologies will work together.

To learn more about designing spaces with your audio needs in mind, read this blog post.


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