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Three Ways Flexible Healthcare Workspaces Stretch Your Budget Dollar

Healthcare September 12, 2016

Creating departmental budgets might land somewhere between visiting the dentist and the department of motor vehicles on the list of things we’d rather not do.

It’s an arduous task—particularly in healthcare where every proposed expense has to level up to delivering better patient outcomes or improving patient care. Did you know that 1 percent of all US patients account for 20 percent of healthcare expenses?

The importance of investing in patient-facing technologies may overshadow other areas of healthcare investment such as conference rooms, boardrooms, training rooms, and other work areas. However, these investments can increase efficiency and effectiveness, having a profound impact on the way hospitals operate. And this will benefit patients, clinicians, administrators, and staff alike.

When every dollar has to stretch farther than ever before, designing and equipping flexible or dynamic meeting areas that can support a variety of needs is a practical approach. Here are three ways to make the most of your flexible meeting spaces.

Enable content sharing from personal devices

Thanks in part to electronic medical records and the rise in telemedicine, doctors and nurses are no laggards when it comes to BYOD. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets are all part of a clinician’s standard set of tools. That’s why, when hospital clinicians or administrators need to present in a meeting, they need an easy and secure way to connect their personal devices to the room display. Wireless presentation systems allow any meeting space to transform into a presentation room for training or teaching opportunities.

Provide cloud-based video conferencing

Healthcare is already moving to the cloud for data storage and other applications. Cloud-based video conferencing is another area worth a look. Similar to other cloud solutions, it allows video conferencing to be purchased on a subscription basis and makes it easy to extend video conferencing capabilities to flexible meeting spaces. With video conferencing capabilities, your flexible rooms can also be used for virtual consultations with patients and medical experts.

Add interactivity to your displays

Touchscreens and interactive displays are a natural way to interact with patient information, particularly in a group discussion. By adding an interactive display to your flexible meeting space, you make it possible to conduct effective brainstorming or diagnostic sessions in the same meeting space used for virtual consultations and presentations.

Learn more about healthcare technology projects

Designing and equipping meeting spaces for multiple use is an efficient and practical way to meet the needs of hospital staff and manage your budget. For more ideas on how to make the most of your healthcare budget, download this eBook: 5 Healthcare Projects to Consider When Planning Your 2017 Budget.

Get help budget planning with AVI Systems

If you need to create a clear technology strategy to guide the budgeting process, AVI Systems can help. We’ll conduct a no-obligation assessment that will reveal how long your current technologies will likely last, which ones could use a refresh or even just a repair, and what should be overhauled altogether. Our experts have outfitted hundreds of healthcare facilities and would be happy to discuss your needs.


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