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AVI Launches myAVI Talent Management System

January 16, 2017

AVI Systems launched the first component of myAVI on Monday. The talent management system, myAVI, is a personalized learning dashboard where employees can access educational resources.

To kickoff myAVI learning, AVI has committed to a three-year contract with InfoComm to license all CTS, CTS-I, and CTS-D prep courses. InfoComm's foundational classes -- Quick Start to the AV Industry Online, Essentials of AV Technology and AV Math Online -- will also be available.

“Elevation is one of our core values,” said Jeff Stoebner, CEO. “It’s central to our strategic vision. It’s what makes us relevant with our current and potential clients."

Stoebner explained that professional development in the AV industry is a key factor in attracting top talent and encouraging growth.

"Education, after all, is central to technology leadership," he said. "Educational opportunities are a magnet for talent in our industry. And continuous professional development is the surest way to achieve operational excellence."

As myAVI grows, IT-related tracks, project management courses and other relevant sales and technical courses will be added. In addition to AV-related courses, a personal and professional curriculum, which is agnostic of industry and job role, will be available.

Harnessing the experience of internal subject matter experts, AVI veterans share their knowledge to new employees through short videos.

Transitioning this knowledge to new hires not only fosters AVI culture but exposes them to years of client interactions in an early onboarding process.

“We recognize the need to continuously improve and invest in employee talent,” Stoebner said. “myAVI supports our commitment to AVI’s vision statement of attracting and retaining the top talent in the industry."

"Personal and professional development are essential to the growth and success of AVI, with the goal to make it easy for employees to reach their fullest potential," he said.

Initially, myAVI will focus internally on AVI employees only. However, AVI Systems plans to open enrollment to customers, manufacturers, and students this summer.



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