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AVI Systems joins GPA as the US Regional Business Unit

Minneapolis April 22, 2020

Minneapolis, Minn., April 22, 2020 - GPA and AVI Systems are excited to announce effective immediately the formal appointment of AVI Systems as the GPA Regional Business Unit for the United States.

Becoming part of the GPA global community, requires a special organization given the unique foundational pillar to the GPA global brand and value proposition. It takes organizations with the same foundations of people-first culture, operational excellence, proven innovation, and market leadership in their regional business that anchor GPA on a global basis.

"In undertaking a review of our U.S. market presence, it was clear a go-forward strategy in arguably the most critical enterprise market in the world would require as comprehensive and detailed an evaluation and selection effort as GPA had ever undertaken," said Eric Greenop, Board President of GPA. "As we moved through our due diligence efforts, we very quickly felt AVI systems was a standout in meeting the high bar we have set, and couldn't be happier in entrusting AVI Systems with the GPA brand in the U.S. going forward."

“Serving customers globally requires a global community. Building international operations or acquiring locations globally can’t be accomplished by any company in our industry in the time necessary to serve the world’s largest brands," said Jeff Stoebner, President, and CEO of AVI Systems. "The GPA’s reach in more than 50 countries with close to 4,000 employees is second to none. AVI’s employee-owned platform has endless energy to serve the GPA.”

GPA is built upon the foundations of the collaborative shared economy, a strategic proposition based upon the concept of sum of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Of the power of human innovation, knowledge share, and user experience amplified at global scale through technology and infrastructure. These principles power many of the world’s most successful and progressive modern enterprise organizations.

"It is these same principles that that power GPA success - our 'unfair advantage' as we like to think of it in the collaboration marketplace," said Byron Tarry, Managing Director of GPA. "AVI Systems not only recognized but very much embraced these concepts and are already proving the very clear value they will bring as contributors to the GPA community and global value proposition."


Organizations who value the power of visual communications trust AVI to enable people and teams to communicate their critical ideas. AVI technologies accelerate decision-making, improve human interactions and create immersive digital experiences. For more information about AVI Systems, please visit


GPA helps global enterprise organizations to think global, and act global, as they strive to create workplace that delivers an engaged workforce. Our goal is to inspire employees with collaboration tools and environments to share their knowledge and ideas and work together to perform at their best. With almost 4000 specialized AV/UC staff in 50+ countries, we deliver simple, scalable, and standardized collaboration technology solutions and services, driving business velocity and ultimately competitive market advantage for our customers. Specialization in collaboration, a true global footprint, yet the localized operational infrastructure and cultural awareness critical to local stakeholder adoption and business impact.

To learn more about GPA, visit, while further information on the GPA’s Velocity proposition can be found through the microsite.


AVI Systems – Craig Gudorf, Director of Brand Marketing – 

GPA – Ellesse Fehlberg, Director of Global Marketing – 


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