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AVI Systems appoints Brad Sousa as Chief Technology Officer

January 24, 2017

AVI Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Brad Sousa as chief technology officer.

Sousa joined AVI Systems in 2008 as regional vice president of the West Coast. Since then, Sousa went on to head the Enterprise Technologies Group.

He has over 20 years of experience in audiovisual and network systems implementation, primarily with enterprise-based systems in health care, education, global corporations and the Department of Defense.

“Brad’s passion for technology and its role in propelling organizations forward makes him perfectly positioned to lead AVI forward as the company diversifies its portfolio of services,” said Jeff Stoebner, CEO.

Sousa will lead a team of practice managers, technology leaders and enterprise architects to strategically position AVI’s lines of business as the company considers expanding to new markets.

“What we do is becoming less and less about specs and gadgets, and more and more about what it does for the organizations AVI serves,” Sousa said. “As CTO, I will focus on aligning 'what we integrate' with the goals and outcomes AVI customers have come to expect.”

Prior to joining AVI, Sousa had been the chief technology officer and vice president of sales and marketing for Integrated Media Systems, the national director of digital media for MCSi, and the COO managing director for Icon Networks.

Sousa has been a consistent voice of technical leadership in audiovisual, unified communications and digital media.



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