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Through the Looking Glass: The Myriad Opportunities of Digital Signage & Video Walls

Digital Media May 15, 2024

In today’s era of technology, it is nearly impossible to walk around any retail, corporate or even hospitality establishment without stopping to admire and examine the stunning displays. Without a doubt, these displays have become an indispensable feature in our professional lives, as well as our personal lives. Within the AV industry itself, digital signage and videowall projects have risen exponentially, with integrators seeking to fulfill clients’ need to relay information quickly and accurately while ensuring a vivid, immersive experience for all. Moreover, digital signage and videowalls represent measurable return on investment and concrete results for integrators and end users alike.

Amid digital signage and videowalls dominating the market, Commercial Integrator’s annual Deep Dive report delves into the different rising trends and technologies affecting integrators’ overall business. It also explores the burgeoning impact of content-creation services and the growing need for sustainability. Drawing on insights from well-versed AV industry experts, the Digital Signage/Videowall Deep Dive seeks to paint a timely picture of the future of digital signage and videowalls in the AV industry. 

Uptick in Revenue Margins    

According to Sean Wargo, vice president of market insights, AVIXA, the oversupply of product in the marketplace, especially as direct-view LED (DVLED) production and quality have further ramped up, has led to display prices going down. He says, “This [price reduction] ultimately helps further fuel adoption rates, particularly as key parts of the economy continue to do well, such as events and entertainment.”  

Indeed, according to Daniel McKenzie, director of engineering and vendor relations, IMS Technology Services, the company saw a 12% revenue increase for the division that worked on videowalls/digital signage. He reveals, “IMS has received an increase in the request for videowalls for not only client lobbies or [delivering] a wow! factor but also for executive conference spaces and training spaces.” From McKenzie’s perspective, digital signage has become more useful to businesses for information delivery, as well as offering more applications within the software. Thus, it has become more attainable to customers across multiple verticals.

Anticipated Market Trends  

Turning to market trends, Darryl Kuder, president of Red Dot Digital Media, remains bullish about digital signage and videowall opportunities in different verticals. “Corporate communications have increased dramatically as companies [have come to] realize the return on investment [and] the value of communicating with their employees in a more direct and interactive way,” he states. 

Craig Frankenstein, director, digital media practice, AVI Systems, attests to similar market trends. He notes, “The return-to-work strategy for corporate enterprise has [piqued] interest in scheduling, desk booking and DOOH [Digital Out-of-Home] applications.” Frankenstein goes on to add that, although signage use cases have changed across market segments, the technology continues to “…remain relevant across all markets that we serve.”   



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