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Alec Olson

Alec is a big believer in storytelling and technology's role in it. He's a content marketing specialist at AVI Systems. You'll see him with a camera in hand at events like AVI LIVE.

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AVI Proposes Innovative AV Solutions to iCR

AVI Systems partnered with iCR to develop and install an innovative audiovisual system for its new office. {% video_player "embed_player"

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Keynote: Heather McGowan on the Future of Work

National speaker and Future-of-Work Strategist Heather McGowan will present the keynote at AVI Impact on September 17.

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Join Us at AVI Impact

In a matter of months, our work world changed profoundly. Today, most IT professionals simply want a new road map that will help guide

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Elevate Your Company Broadcasts

As a part of a weekly webinar series, Tech Tuesdays, Digital Media Practice Manager Craig Frankenstein explains the different ways

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Technology for Returning to the Office [Webinar Recording]

AVI's Chief Technology Officer Brad Sousa led an hour-long webinar on Wednesday, June 17, to provide leaders with actionable solutions to

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How To Add Capacity To Your Existing UC Infrastructure

Getting more licenses is the easy part. There are many other considerations to factor in when adding capacity to an existing unified

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How To Deploy A New Unified Collaboration Service In Hours

Chief Technology Officer Brad Sousa explains the steps that organizations can take to deploy new UC platforms in a matter of hours. {%

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How To Start Live Streaming Today

In this video, Chief Technology Officer Brad Sousa talks about how to get started live streaming while organizations continue to transition

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Zoom and Microsoft Can Interop, So What?

AVI Systems Chief Technology Officer Brad Sousa breaks down the recent headlines about new interoperability among Zoom, Microsoft and

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FARGODOME (North Dakota) Case Study

AVI Systems partnered with Bose Professional to update the FARGODOME's sound system. The goal was to improve both reliability of operating

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Missouri Botanical Garden Case Study

The Missouri Botanical Garden wanted to create an immersive and memorable experience for its visitors - one that would bring the gardens to

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Chippewa Valley Technical College Case Study

To create a best-in-class learning environment for incoming students, CVTC renovated its facility that includes 24 cooking stations, an

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AVI LIVE Is the Region's Largest AV Tech Showcase

More than 50 of the leading technology manufacturers exhibit their latest technology at AVI LIVE, and they're all more than willing to talk

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Video: An Inside Look at AVI Systems' Headquarters

It took a year to reimagine and redesign AVI Systems’ 50,000-square-foot headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn. And now, after celebrating the

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