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Inspiration Happens When We're Together

The constant state of change leaves many wondering, "Will we ever get back to the office?" {% video_player "embed_player"

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Thermal Screening Solutions

Not all thermal imaging technology is created equal. While handheld options might seem more convenient and cost effective, thermal imaging

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Virtual Receptionist Solution

A virtual receptionist empowers visitors to check themselves in and send personalized messages to the person they're meeting with. And

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Bring Your Own Meeting Solution

Imagine walking into a space and connecting your laptop to professional cameras, speakers, microphones and other AV technology optimized

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Occupancy Management Solution

Computer vision traffic technology helps track occupancy rates of any given space, using IP or USB cameras. The same cameras can recognize

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Touchless Control Solutions

Crestron, Extron and QSC developed touchless meeting room solutions that enable people to control audiovisual technology in these

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AVI Personal Touch Meeting Control

Launch meetings, manage privacy controls, and share content using the power of your own smartphone. Watch this demonstration of AVI's

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Keynote: Heather McGowan on the Future of Work

National speaker and Future-of-Work Strategist Heather McGowan will present the keynote at AVI Impact on September 17.

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Join Us at AVI Impact

In a matter of months, our work world changed profoundly. Today, most IT professionals simply want a new road map that will help guide

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