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3 Reasons Your School Needs a Video Wall

Education September 28, 2017

College campuses can be vast places, where freshman tend to get lost the first week trying to navigate their new surroundings. But, they're also able to meet new people and find interesting events to attend.

You’ll find no shortage of grand ideas on a college campus, so it makes sense that technology should go big too.

Read how digital signage solutions, like video walls, can improve learning for students in this blog post.

Video walls are becoming popular in many industries, and they are an especially good fit for campuses. In fact, it’s one of the bigger trends in higher education.

How will video walls help your school stand out and reach its goals? Here are three important ways:

1. Video walls reflect your school’s identity

Whether you’re hoping to boost awareness or school spirit, video walls can establish brand consistency and promote community. By spreading the word about your institution’s mission, activities, and accomplishments, you solidify its reputation and place in the community. Some ways you can use video walls to strengthen your school’s brand and identity is through:

  • Visual reinforcement: Show off your school colors, logo, and mascot on video walls. Every time a student, visitor, or staff member passes by a video wall, they will be reminded of where they are, as well as your institution’s dedication to a positive learning environment.
  • Showcasing staff and student work: Share staff and student art, awards, promotions, and other achievements. New visitors or those who might only be familiar with their own departments will be able to see the value of your school as a whole.
  • Live streaming: From the provost's speech to the game with a big rival, allowing those on campus to be part of events they can’t attend helps build a sense of community. That feeling of being part of a community has been shown to improve student retention.

2. Video walls set the tone

Video walls have the ability to awe and inspire. Their size and capabilities can help set the tone for the campus environment, which is important to a college. In fact, students cited the campus environment as the second top reason they turn down a college offer.

Here are some ways video walls help set the tone:

  • Projecting a feeling: What feeling do you want to communicate? What image do you want to project? Instill trust by proving that your institution is tech-savvy and forward thinking.
  • The fun factor: You can use touch interactivity and dynamic content to wow guests and prove that colleges can be both academic and fun. Colorful, larger-than-life images can show off your institution’s personality. From micro tiles to curved tiles, you can choose the wall configuration that suits your space as well as your content needs. For ultimate flexibility, you can even decide on a reconfigurable video wall that lets you change the design as needed.
  • The feed: You can choose any type of content that best represents your school, or choose to mix it up by the time, the season, and more. There’s so much you can do with this technology since it’s flexible and can be segmented to show numerous kinds of content at once.

3. Video walls inform the campus population

Institutions of higher education are all about information. Choosing the content you want to share is an opportunity not only because you can put your school’s unique attributes on display, but it allows you to present your institution as a thought leader. It’s your chance to make an impression on staff, professors, guests, students, and prospective students. Here are some kinds of content you can feature on your video walls:

  • News: From world and national news to local and campus news, you can dedicate a portion of your video wall to keeping your campus population up to date on current events and proving you value information and knowledge.
  • Event information: Share advance details, event excerpts, and more from professor lectures, poetry readings, sporting events, and art exhibits. There is so much going on a campus at any given time that students and educators often know only about what’s going on in their own departments. Displaying this kind of information will let you expand their horizons and let them learn about all the exciting and innovative happenings all over campus.
  • Student information: Make sure the student population knows all about tuition deadlines, resources available to them, tips from alumni, and other information they may miss in the email newsletter. In fact, some schools are combining a digital signage strategy with their mobile and social communications to better reach students.

Learn more about incorporating video walls, digital signage, and interactive displays into educational environments here.

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