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Solutions Overview: AV Services for Global and Multinational Brands

Audiovisual June 15, 2023

Summary: Discover common AV pain points for global brands and how a programmatic approach solves them.  

Managing AV technology for global and multinational brands is like trying to build a jigsaw puzzle without a picture. There are so many different pieces to keep track of, and it can be challenging to see how they all fit together. But just like with a jigsaw puzzle, building a complete and effective global AV solution is possible if you have the right tools, strategy, and partner.  

This post covers common AV pain points for global and multinational brands, describes the benefits of a global approach, and highlights AVI Systems’ unique position as the largest global AV service provider. Let’s dig right in.  

5 common AV pain points for global and multinational brands 

As we talk with technology leaders worldwide, they describe very similar pain points in terms of managing their global audiovisual technologies:  

  • Technology fragmentation: Global and multinational brands often have a wide range of AV technology in use from different vendors and with different operating systems. This can make managing and maintaining the technology difficult and lead to compatibility issues. 
  • Geographic dispersion: With offices or facilities in multiple locations, it’s difficult to support AV technology, which leads to delays in troubleshooting and repairs. 
  • Lack of in-house expertise or capacity: Global brands can have difficulty finding and retaining AV experts in multiple locations. When internal teams have AV expertise, it can be hard to find time for those tasks because they’re focused on broader technology initiatives. 
  • Security: AV systems can be a target for hackers and other cyber threats and require additional security best practices and security technologies. 
  • Compliance: Global brands must comply with a variety of regulations, both local and international.  

3 benefits of a global AV approach 

To address these pain points, AVI Systems recommends that global brands approach AV technology as a program rather than a project. When viewed in this way, you’re better positioned to experience these benefits:

  • Scale – when you have hundreds or even thousands of meeting or conference spaces, you need a solution that can scale. An AV partner with a program-level approach can help you plan for, deploy, and manage one solution across your entire estate and ensure every room is ready. This can save global brands time and money, as you won’t have to hire in-house staff to manage your conference rooms. 
  • Standardization – having consistent AV technology across all your offices ensures that your employees and customers have the same experience, no matter where they are. When you pair standard solutions with a globally managed service plan, you can also have a single point of contact for all your locations. 
  • Support – a comprehensive support plan paired with remote 24/7 monitoring allows you to identify and resolve issues before they impact users. It also helps you improve uptime, reduce downtime and address security risks.  

Multinational AV case study 

A multinational food and beverage company contacted AVI Systems for help with its thousands of meeting rooms across the organization’s 70-plus worldwide locations. Their users were frustrated that audiovisual technologies in many conference rooms were out-of-date and featured no modern hybrid work collaboration solutions. AVI Systems helped the company create meeting room design standards, prioritized the work based on employee use, and began implementing the updates. Now, this organization is moving quickly to update meeting rooms and manage its AV solutions using AVI support services to ensure systems work at all times. 

Need a global AV partner? Meet AVI Systems – the largest global AV service provider and integrator  



AVI Systems offers the largest global footprint for audiovisual, unified collaboration, digital media, and managed services technology. 

As a shareholder in GPA, AVI provides: 

  • A proven process to develop, design, integrate and support your AV needs 
  • Local delivery in 60+ countries and more than 170 cities 
  • A network of 5,000 AV and UC experts globally 
  • Global AV managed services  

The result is the standardization, speed to market, and simplicity you need to help your global or multinational enterprise maximize ROI and achieve better outcomes.  

Is a global AV partner your missing puzzle piece? Contact us today. 


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