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The InfoComm Triple Threat: Product, Possibilities and People

If you’ve yet to attend InfoComm, we’ll just put it this way: it’s a Big Deal in the audiovisual industry and the only training and

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How High-Growth Cities Like Austin, Texas, Drive AV-Tech Trends

You don't need to look at the most recent US Census Bureau figures to know that Austin, Texas is a high-growth city. However, what you may

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What is Meeting Equity – And Why Does it Matter Now?

As we inch toward a post-pandemic world, there’s a significant challenge facing companies of every size across all industries. Called

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What to Do When There Is No Magic "Return to Office" Date

Another variant surge and shifting vaccine guidelines for large employers means the great return to office is delayed. Again.

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Creating Community in a Hybrid World: A New Leader Imperative

As organizations shift to a more permanent hybrid work model, they risk creating two cultures – one that exists in real life and another

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How Generational Differences Shape AV Preferences

More than ever before, technology is at the center of our lives – and that’s not going to change. But what does it mean for workplaces when

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Guest Panelists Share Return-to-Workplace Tips at AVI LIVE

There are pandemic-era IT problems that require your immediate attention, but you can’t solve these problems just for today. From meeting

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What the Best Hybrid Workplaces Have in Common

If we've learned anything during the pandemic, it's this: Work isn’t a place. It’s what we do. And this sentiment remains true even as more

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Why Smart Buildings Equal Smart Business

Smart buildings in science fiction are so smart they can predict your every need. They develop personalities of their own; they can turn

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3 Hurdles Threatening Your Post Pandemic Technology Strategy: An AVI Master Class Recap

The hybrid workplace has become a daily news headline and a near-constant topic of conversation across organizations small and large. As a

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3 Urgent Trends Shaping Workplace Design

Editor’s Note: Kay Sargent serves as Director of WorkPlace at HOK – a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. She

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Hybrid Work Is Here to Stay

2 ways to enhance the remote worker experience For a few weeks, it almost felt like things were returning to normal. Then came the Delta

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Three Advantages to AVI's Velocity Meeting Room Solution

One of the biggest lessons the pandemic taught companies worldwide is that with just a meeting invite and a click-to-join solution, you’re

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4 AV Insights from an Industry Leader

As CEO of AVIXA – one of our industry’s largest trade associations – Dave Labuskes knows exactly how COVID-19 affected audiovisual

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