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AVI Systems to help raise $50,000 for IGNITE

Minneapolis March 29, 2018

We’re looking to hit that 350+ yard drive by raising $50,000 for the IGNITE program this year! But, we'll need your help!

The NSCA is hosting two golf charity events to raise awareness for its IGNITE program, an initiative to attract, engage and encourage students to join the AV industry.

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That's one of the reasons we've continued to support the IGNITE program year after year. There are thousands of open jobs in the industry at any given time. With the new generation emerging in the workforce, it’s crucial to attract and retain talented and passionate people to the AV industry.

“We have a shortage of skilled workers,” said Nate Ross, NSCA golf chair. “That’s a problem.”

Supporting The IGNITE Tour is a way to address that problem head-on. “We need more talent,” Ross said. “We need more people to share the innovation, the storytelling and the experience that comes with working in this industry.”

The first golf charity event is at the end of June in Shakopee, Minnesota. The second stop is at the end of October in Atlanta, Georgia.

Learn more about The IGNITE Tour here.

AVI Systems and various manufacturers have raised over $40,000 for the NSCA’s IGNITE program during our past events. Please join us this year to help us achieve our goal of raising $50,000 to get the next generation of technicians, managers, sales leaders and innovators in the AV industry.

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