The Easy Solution to Your Meeting Room Conflicts

The Meeting Time-Suck

The business world has a love-hate relationship with meetings. You hear a lot about the hate part, but in reality, most workers see the value in meetings.

A lot of meeting frustrations come down to whether participants feel the meetings are a waste of time. Do they start late? Do presenters have to fuss with equipment? Do you have trouble even finding a meeting room with the right equipment?

Your organization contributes to loss of productivity when it allows some spaces to sit empty while others get double-booked. That common scenario forces you to waste time looking for a room or bargaining with co-workers who have the equipment you need.

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The Solution to Meeting Room Conflicts

You can increase meeting room usage while eliminating scheduling conflicts with software-based room scheduling tools that integrate with popular services like Outlook or Google.

If no one checks in for the meeting, some software solutions will cancel the meeting automatically. This opens up the room for others.

Solutions like this would allow you to reserve a room for only the time that’s needed. That includes setup, as well as the meeting itself.

They also give insight on the technology available in the room. With this feature, you could determine immediately whether it’s the right fit for your type of meeting.

Added Benefits of Scheduling

Room scheduling devices, software and apps often work with other features that allow you to save time in other ways.

For example, some use beacons to detect your presence. They turn on the meeting equipment, saving you from doing it manually.

Room scheduling tools might sound like a nice-to-have addition to your work spaces, but they’re really a must-have if your employees suffer stress and conflicts. That’s not to mention the loss of productivity.