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Make Employee Training Fun with New Technologies

Business December 12, 2016

The business world certainly has a healthy appreciation for employee training, but every so often debates surface about its value and effectiveness.

When it doesn’t seem to improve performance, you can examine the trainers, the quality of the material, as well as the way it's presented. If the employee training is just not interesting enough, any of those can be the culprit.

You'll also want to look at your presentation equipment. If you're using the right technology that presents information in a comfortable way, employees take to it better, interact with it more.

In addition to evaluating the equipment capabilities, you should examine priorities. Ideally, training is going to be not only educational but fun and interesting too. It should be worth the cost, and your IT department shouldn't struggle to get things up and running.

A trainer can present thought-provoking material and specific experiences that will help employees in their careers, but not everybody retains information the same way. This is where functional technology solutions come in.

High-tech training and presentation rooms offer more ways to interact and engage with new and existing employees than traditional ones. That's good news for them because it means that training sessions are interactive and creative, helping them get more from the session.

Some technology solutions include:

  • Interactive displays
  • Wireless content sharing
  • Any-to-any capabilities
  • Annotation tools

Capabilities go beyond a rudimentary display of lecture notes. You can poll participants in real time, collaborate with those joining in remotely, and mark up materials simultaneously. These are ways to give employees a new take on training in a way that will accommodate numerous collaboration styles.

Bringing on new technologies and making the decisions will likely come after assessing the situation and hearing from your employees.

Some solutions work better for different organizations. It's best to take your time to walk through your needs.


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